If you are here, then either you are curious about what machine learning is or explore and learn about machine learning. No worries, everyone is a beginner at their initial point. Here I have shared what is machine Learning and the basics of Machine Learning in easy and understandable way.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence. The main goal of machine learning is to understand the structure of our data and fit that data into our models which could be understood and utilized by us. Machine learning is unlike the traditional computational approaches because, in the traditional computational…

Have you ever got frustrated by using regular loops and functions in python and have wondered if there are crisp and efficient ways to code? Then, this blog is for you. This blog gives you a brief understanding of lambda, filter, map, and reduce functions in Python. We’ll be covering these topics with examples to make you familiarize with these concepts. So, Let’s get started!!!


Lambda is a small anonymous micro-defined function that can take any number of arguments but execute only one expression. It can also be used for returning object functions.


lamb = lambda x , y…


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